Monday, April 30, 2012

Well, it has sat,
and sat
and sat.
Is it road worthy?
Is it worth fixing?
What to do?
Over a month

And we have decided...
Let's try it.
Let's get it going
what we can do with it.
the old girl is going to
be used again.
Not me, mind you.
the camper!
Thrift store shopping,
I found these curtains.
Let me tell you,
I was a bit nervous
about my $12
Would they fall apart in the washer?
But they washed up great
this week,
I start scrubbing and painting.
I got paint at Lowes yesterday
and a couple of tiles to try on the floor.
And this...

My favorite thrift shop,
Barbara is always ready to show me her latest find.
Saturday, was oilcloths.
This one called my name!
She gave it to me!
Saturday was my birthday,
she didn't know that,
but what a great present! 
I am not sure where I am going to use it.
My girls think it is tacky,
but Gracelyn?
She think that Momma has great taste!
She loves the colors!
She can't wait to camp!