Saturday, December 8, 2012

Still Buying, Not Working

With holidays
more work hours,
I have not had time to spend an
Evening with Ellie.

After all, this was to be my
WINTER project
it is not WINTER yet!

I found this
vintage cooler
at an antique mall and had to have it.

The suitcase and melmac
thrift store finds.
I could not believe the price!

The fabric for the dinette,
not quite as
fun pricing!
But I love it!

The foam for the cushions?
Downright pricey! 

I will be using the old foam
for the dinette,
not sure
where I am going to buy the foam for the bed,
I might have to hit the lottery to purchase it!

Friday, November 9, 2012

She needed a name

and now she has it!

This is outside the door,
a memory of the last owner.
It is only paper,
so in the cleaning,
it is going to go away.

I think it only fitting
that her name is
Ellie J

for Ellen and June!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

We have water!

But first,
I found these cups in my MIL's garage!
They are perfect for in the camper!

Love the colors

We have water!

JWS attached the hose and started
the water running,
handed me a flashlight
said to go look for leaks. 

I would have rather been on the
I found leaks,
but only two
and that is not bad
for something that has sat outside
at least 40 years. 

more progress on the painting.

No one told me that you have to be a contortionist to work on one of these things.
This poor body of mine has been in positions
that it has not been in in years...
or ever!

I think that once I put the bunk down,
I will be channeling
That is
laying on my back painting.

I see so many people taking out the upper bunk,
I am not thinking that is an option for me
with six grandchildren,
four of which
awaiting the first camping trip.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kitchen Remodel and a Painting Tip

First of all,
I am attacking this interior
one "room' at a time. 
Kitchen remodel first,
it is almost completed.
It is a small area to work in
and I am here to tell you,
this is a lot of painting and trimming!

Behind the stove was paper,
not in perfect shape,
a little wrinkled at the edges.
The question of removing it, briefly flitted through my mind.
I am way more into camouflaging issues
than making a worse mess sometimes.
So I painted it.
Then to "define" the kitchen area
I decided to stripe it.
Taped off,
and here is your tip...
If you paint back over the tape
with the base color,
it seals the edges of the tape
keeps the top color from bleeding through,
allowing for more crisp stripes.

And all the thoughts of
cupboard doors?
Resulted in Honey Brown.
So far,
I am liking it...

I cleaned all the cupboards,
painted and lined the drawers,
scrubbed the floor
and before I left last night,
could not resist
placing a few decorative items out.
Wish I would have taken the curtains with me.

I am even loving the floor!

Now on to the dining room....

Then the living room!

Monday, November 5, 2012

More Decor

Jackson China
whatever that rooster plate is?
A Walston, Pa find.

Hand-crocheted rag rug that I just finished

1967 Tea Towel and pot holder.
Cocoa Beach, Florida

More Melmac dishes. 
Walston, Pa
Spaces Corners,
B and E Depot,
Two of my favorite junque shop stops.

In the box with the Melmac was the great cream and sugar set.
Doug, from the Walston store
was hesitant to sell the Melmac.
It was his grandmothers and he didn't want
it to go to someone who just wanted to resell it. 
He happily parted with it,
(as I parted with my $20 bill)
as I told him that I was going to use it in my camper. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Grapes and Painting

I finally found the grapes! 
They were in the back of  a store in an alley in
 Melbourne, Florida.
The TSA folks studied my carry on for quite awhile trying to figure those out!

Carpeting up,
the linoleum is actually in good shape,
 not sure whether to keep it or not,
so I carefully taped it off. 
The black is the backing of the carpet,
but it is coming off also. 
What to do? 
It certainly is retro,
but maybe a bit too retro.

One coat of primer
two coats
of buttery, creamy paint
is really brightening
the old girl up.

A decision needs to made about the doors.
After all this,
I now think I want to try Gold.
What do you think?
Not sure I am a big fan
of the propane light,
thinks that it needs to stay.

He has high hopes of camping in it
within a month.

Not sure about that!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Another thrift shop day

Still no actual
on the camper.

It is going to have to wait until the
first of November.
But for now,
I found these
great treasures
on a stop
at the
local mall.
St. Vincent de Paul
Kittanning, Pa
Loving that harvest color scheme!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Freebie and Some Lights

I had to go to my Mom's Quilt Guild
how to make penny rugs.
On the way home,
I wandered.

I found a really cool antique shop
Butler, Pa.
Butler Antiques.
It was a little tricky to get to,
I managed to go down a one way street
the wrong way,
making a lot of people
really unhappy.

Finally found an illegal parking space,
risked getting towed. 
I found this picnic cooler. 

When I asked the price....
the nice man

What a nice gesture! 
To my surprise,
it still had the instructions for use
and a cute little catalog
inside it!

JWS got a plug on his travels today....

and we have lights!

Aren't these cool and retro? 

How do you like that feather sticking out.

I mean,
after all this was a hunting camp....
It will be removed soon! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

What I am doing in the meantime....

Pinned Image

No, this is not mine.  Click here to go to the link!

and this site

Unfortunately, I am spending way too much time
drooling over everyone else's projects!

I love the colors in the pic above
but now I have to decide...
paint the interior
or leave it wood grain?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Thrill of the Hunt

we attended
Autumn Leaf Festival.

As a side trip
we headed to this.

This little plaster decoration
screamed out
1960's to me.
I can see it on the camper wall now.
After I scrub, of course!

And then
as I was sitting here with coffee this morning,
I looked up and saw this.
I think that plaid cooler
may have to be moved to the
growing camper stash also!

And now
what I am really looking for is
set of these.

Gold or Green

Still hunting!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trying Again

Ok, long silence...
a small amount of mourning.
A trip to the scrapyard,
the last camper did not make it.
As much as I had high hopes,
finally convinced me that it was not salvageable.

It has hung in the air between us for the past few months.
I still wanted a camper.
Not a new one,
not a big one.
Something old,
Something I could decorate.
Another project.
Then Tuesday,
JWS comes home from the fair meeting,
telling me that he might have a surprise for me.
I needled,
annoyingly begged
until he caved and told me.
There was another camper in the works.

If we didn't take it,
it also was going to be scrapped.
How bad could it be?

So we went and looked...
and decided to try again!

This one is not newer, but in really good shape inside and out.
As close as I can figure

So off to my favorite thrift store again
the picture at the top is the haul for today.
A vintage tablecloth
and we are up and running again.

It will be a great winter project.
For now,
it is in the garage.
I have to get
my craft open house i
behind me
trip to Florida
and then

I will be covering cushions

and painting

making curtains

of course,

scrubbing and cleaning.

I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Well, the picture was rotated until it got here! 
After searching and searching on the internet for info about this camper,
last night,
there it was!
Everything all together for all the appliances,
even the toilet!

After much deliberation,
I decided to paint all the paneling.
See the nice creamy color on the top?
everything will be that color.
The bottom is primer,
what a job this is!

I think that I will like the decorating
much better
than the painting.

Also trying some peel and stick tiles at the doorway to see
how that works.
Going for the 70's look,
don't these just make you think
I think that the orange does it for me!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Well, it has sat,
and sat
and sat.
Is it road worthy?
Is it worth fixing?
What to do?
Over a month

And we have decided...
Let's try it.
Let's get it going
what we can do with it.
the old girl is going to
be used again.
Not me, mind you.
the camper!
Thrift store shopping,
I found these curtains.
Let me tell you,
I was a bit nervous
about my $12
Would they fall apart in the washer?
But they washed up great
this week,
I start scrubbing and painting.
I got paint at Lowes yesterday
and a couple of tiles to try on the floor.
And this...

My favorite thrift shop,
Barbara is always ready to show me her latest find.
Saturday, was oilcloths.
This one called my name!
She gave it to me!
Saturday was my birthday,
she didn't know that,
but what a great present! 
I am not sure where I am going to use it.
My girls think it is tacky,
but Gracelyn?
She think that Momma has great taste!
She loves the colors!
She can't wait to camp!