Sunday, November 4, 2012

Grapes and Painting

I finally found the grapes! 
They were in the back of  a store in an alley in
 Melbourne, Florida.
The TSA folks studied my carry on for quite awhile trying to figure those out!

Carpeting up,
the linoleum is actually in good shape,
 not sure whether to keep it or not,
so I carefully taped it off. 
The black is the backing of the carpet,
but it is coming off also. 
What to do? 
It certainly is retro,
but maybe a bit too retro.

One coat of primer
two coats
of buttery, creamy paint
is really brightening
the old girl up.

A decision needs to made about the doors.
After all this,
I now think I want to try Gold.
What do you think?
Not sure I am a big fan
of the propane light,
thinks that it needs to stay.

He has high hopes of camping in it
within a month.

Not sure about that!

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