Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trying Again

Ok, long silence...
a small amount of mourning.
A trip to the scrapyard,
the last camper did not make it.
As much as I had high hopes,
finally convinced me that it was not salvageable.

It has hung in the air between us for the past few months.
I still wanted a camper.
Not a new one,
not a big one.
Something old,
Something I could decorate.
Another project.
Then Tuesday,
JWS comes home from the fair meeting,
telling me that he might have a surprise for me.
I needled,
annoyingly begged
until he caved and told me.
There was another camper in the works.

If we didn't take it,
it also was going to be scrapped.
How bad could it be?

So we went and looked...
and decided to try again!

This one is not newer, but in really good shape inside and out.
As close as I can figure

So off to my favorite thrift store again
the picture at the top is the haul for today.
A vintage tablecloth
and we are up and running again.

It will be a great winter project.
For now,
it is in the garage.
I have to get
my craft open house i
behind me
trip to Florida
and then

I will be covering cushions

and painting

making curtains

of course,

scrubbing and cleaning.

I can't wait!


  1. Oh I'm envious Cathy!! I've been dreaming of a camper, but haven't found one yet. Yours looks perfect for putting your special touches on. I'm anxious to see how your reno goes!

  2. I LOVE it! Can't wait to see what you do with it. I would love to fine one for a good price and redo the inside. I just love all of the pics you see of them fixed up so cute! Have fun!

  3. Sorry the other camper didn't work out. What a neat surprise from JWS. Seems he knows how much you really want a camper. Hope this will become a diamond for you. Looks like it is in good condition. Just needing a woman's touch. Enjoy the journey.