Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Well, the picture was rotated until it got here! 
After searching and searching on the internet for info about this camper,
last night,
there it was!
Everything all together for all the appliances,
even the toilet!

After much deliberation,
I decided to paint all the paneling.
See the nice creamy color on the top?
everything will be that color.
The bottom is primer,
what a job this is!

I think that I will like the decorating
much better
than the painting.

Also trying some peel and stick tiles at the doorway to see
how that works.
Going for the 70's look,
don't these just make you think
I think that the orange does it for me!


  1. How neat! I am like you...I hate to paint...had much rather decorate. Can't wait to see it done!

  2. Your coming along! Awesome you found all the info you needed, definately helps :)