Thursday, March 15, 2012

And so it begins

For several years, I have been wanting an old camper.
One to restore,
a fixer-upper,
a project.
This one was dropped in my lap.
A little bigger than what I had planned,
but really,
with six grandkids all under the age of six,
my friend and former camper owner pointed out,
"You are going to need the room!"
JWS jumped at the idea.
Not sure about what drugs he might be taking...
but we'll address that later.

it came home.

I hope to blog the process,
the successes,
the laughs,
and even
JWS and start throwing things at one another.
(which is bound to happen)
I have decorating ideas.
But first we'll clean.
It has been setting for three years.
It needs a good cleaning.

Want to follow along? 
C'mon, you know you do!


  1. Oh Cathy, that is so wonderful. I can't wait to hear your stories and see the progress you make on this home away from home. So exciting. When the mister and I got married we started camping in a tent. Loved it until around 2 am one morning a bunch of boy scouts threw a frog in on us sleeping. Yep, funny now but I am terrified of frogs. We upgraded to a pop up and wore out 2 of those. When Holly started working and in high school we stopped camping. I really miss the outdoors and all the nice folks you can meet in campgrounds. I am so jealous girl. You bet I am in for the ride.

  2. Oh Cathy, How exciting!!!! I haven't been camping since my 2 oldest boys were little! I can't wait to follow along on your journey! And I can't wait to see your decorating ideas.


  3. After it's all completed, you can take a trip to Wisconsin.:) Patti

  4. congrats on your new project. Looking forward to the pictures.

  5. Of course I'm going to follow along, not just for the transformation progress but for the entertainment it's sure to bring!
    Plus, I'm showing my hubs tonight! Our's is a smaller one and I've had visions for some time, just need the $$ and the motivation.
    Good luck!

  6. Wouldn't miss this one for the world.... ;o) Yeah, like I can keep up with another blog....but, hey - I'm gonna try! Have fun with THAT! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - are you NUTS?!!) ;o)

  7. Oh Carol what a great camper - this is going to be so fun following your adverntures.

  8. Oh, this is gonna be FUN!?!? I'm laughing so hard right now :) Just don't aim for the head :D

  9. What a great project! Can't wait to see all that you do. Imagine all the fun you're going to have once its finished!! Can't wait to follow along :)

  10. Oh boy another blog adventure. You must must take pics all along the way and please include the moods and expressions. We need to see so we can feel like we are there. LOL or maybe not.
    I am sure it will be done before the summer is I right JWS???

  11. Oooooo how fun. I saw once on t.v. an old caboos that a man had remodeled and put in his backyard for when the grands came to visit. It was an amazing thing to behold. I bet yours will be too when you are done with it. Good luck. I can't wait to see the progress. I will be following along. -Steph-

  12. Oh my gosh, this is going to be hilarious, I can see it all coming now! Good luck to you my friend, can't wait to follow your exploits and see what inventive, artistic ideas you come up with for that big 'ol trailer. This is going to be fun! Deb