Monday, March 11, 2013

More contortionist feats

See this bunk?
What you don't see is this 50 something year old body,
that has not wintered well
trying to figure a way to maneuver
in there to paint that bunk.
Let me tell you folks,
it was not a pretty sight.
And it is not done.
One coat of Kilz,
and it still needs two coats of paint.
You guessed it,
two more nights of contortionist training.

It was tight.
Very tight.

Then I folded it back up and painted the underside.

Some more painting on the doors and drawers,
and a coat of sealer on them
so they wipe clean.

I was hoping to salvage this linoleum,
JWS is not optimistic.
I did manage to rehang this magazine rack.
I can't wait to fill it with some of my
vintage trailer magazines.
We have a camping trip planned for mid May,
close to home
because we are not sure how far we should try to
tow this.
we have no title.
Anyone have any thoughts on how to get that?

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