Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More Decor

Curtains are next on the agenda. 
Oh, how I can procrastinate making curtains!

Check out those owls.
They were a yard sale find over the weekend and covered a place where the trim was missing.

The percolator is in place!

Vintage camper magazines ready for relaxing and finally reading.
So far, I have only skimmed the pictures. 

Reproduction tin pop bottles bought at an auction.
The colors in these were perfect,
the red and blue ones of the set went to Shawnee.

View front to back.

And a better view of the flooring!
I was so trying to keep the old linoleum,
but that was not meant to be.
The new tiles look much better anyway!
There were more pictures,
Blogger is giving me fits!


  1. Your camper is coming along beautifully!
    Love all the special touches and displays you added! Have a wonderful evening!

  2. What a beautiful restoration! I love the vintage look.