Friday, April 26, 2013

Auction Night

Last night was another auction at the fairgrounds.
The fair board sells the food at these auctions,
but really
we throw out some hot dogs and french fries
way more than we ever sell.
One of those puzzling phenomenons.
Last night,
I won the prize for spending the most.
Really, there was not a prize,
laughing about it made the pain at the check-out
a little easier.
This little radio,
which will be perfect in my camper,
was a deal despite the hit that my checkbook took.
Two Dollars!

This coffee pot...
the only thing that I REALLY wanted
and might have actually
not so cheap.
Apparently, someone else thought
she needed/wanted it as bad as I did.
She must have seen the determined look on my face.
Her husband told her to let me have it.
The coffee pot that is.

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