Sunday, April 21, 2013

Not Pretty Stuff

JWS calls me to the garage...
and this
is what he had to show me.
I knew that there was a problem with the floor.
Wow...this looked like a big problem to me.

But then yesterday,
while I was off on my own little fun thing...
I got this photo sent to me.

Now off to someplace to replace the floor.
You see,
I really liked the linoleum.
I really wanted to save it.
The carpet had been ripped up,
and the linoleum scraped
ever so carefully
But to no avail.
I am going to have to tile it.
Now off to look for some
early 70's retro looking tile.

This is the next puzzling thing.
Where is the holding tank?
was there ever one?

And finally.
Some new rubber for the old girl.
Hers were dry rotted
cheap as I am...
and for all the farther she is going to travel..
I was not looking forward to spending that money on tires.
One morning,
I just broke down
and told JWS to order them.
Later that same morning,
and before he had the chance to order them,
tire fairy
showed up with these in the back of his
tire fairymobile.
One fourth the cost of new ones!
Sometimes it just pays to tell everyone that you know what
you are looking for.
One man's junk,
another man's (or woman's)
And finally,
The Really Not Pretty Stuff
JWS installed the refrigerator.
Well, in truth,
I helped to at least get it in position.
Several bumped knuckles
and more than a little sweat and tense moments
it was in and I had Ieft the garage.
Next thing I know,
JWS is sitting staring at me,
white faced and sweating saying...
"Something bad happened!"
The fact that he had just came in,
with grandson in tow
made me immediately check Logan.
He seemed happy enough.
I didn't see any blood on anyone.
My comment,
"Is my refrigerator OK?"
Yes, but it was bad, come with me.
Off we head in the direction of the garage. 
He stops me at the back door and says,
"I was cleaning out the vent for the refrigerator and
(Insert shaking voice and more sweating)
Hahaha...I just laughed and went back to work.
I think he is still sweating!


  1. God Cathy, I'd have peed right there, even if it was only the skin and I'd have left some serious tracks if it'd been the whole dang snake!!!! I'm LMAO just imagining JWS's face, white, sweating and perhaps needing a strong drink! I hate snakes! I have nightmares of having one come out from the dash while on the road!
    Hope you had fun finding some retro flooring!

    still laughing,

  2. Oh my, Cathy! I am laughing so hard. But I would too, have made tracks if i found a snake skin. I bet the Look on JWS's face was priceless. Hope you found some flooring. Have a wonderful Sunday!