Sunday, April 7, 2013

Camper Junkyard

JWS likes Craigslist.
I am not a big fan.
He finds things and tells me about them though.
I really should look at it more often.
This time,
it led us to the
Camper Junkyard
we found a refrigerator for the camper!
Woo Hoo!

It was a fun outing.
Rick, the proprietor
could not have been more helpful.
His statement,
"I'll have that out in ten minutes!"
was not far off.
I managed to take some pics.
This was sure a cute little trailer.

Here are some pics of the inside.
Not in as good a shape as my
Little Ellie J.

And the best part of this event?
JWS is once again ready to work on the camper.
I think he was worried that he was not going to
have a place for his
food and beverages.
Another crisis averted
The Strate Household!


  1. I think this is fun. I am excited for you. I keep watching. what you have done so far is great.


  2. Very interesting!!!!!! Glad you two are having fun. Soon you will be camping! Glad you could fix the floor.

  3. Nothing like commenting twice and not realizing it!!!! Bad girl!